• To what extent does your working climate stimulate integrity? 'Living' integrity is one of the key factors that make or brake the reputation of a company or organisation. Trust comes on foot and leaves on horseback.

    But to what extent does your own working environment support and stimulate your working with integrity? What about role models? And, if necessary, do you feel strong and confident enough to stand for your own principles and speak your heart and mind? Or do you fear the consequenses? And how do you receive support to effectively deal with potential seductions?

    In practice working with integrity is influenced by the interaction between you as a person and your environment. That's why it is important to look in the mirror, both yourself and your team, department or company at large. It is important to investigate together the working climate and assess which factors are contributing to integrity and which factors pose a threat to integrity. Roughly we assess four areas. Personal, the team, facilitating integrity (soft) and organising of integrity (hard). 

    Question: what does stimulate you the most in your working environment to work with integrity?