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  • Are Your People Making a Difference?

    Your Working Climate Breeds Results. Invest and Create the Right Context

    Want Sustainable Results?

    Make your People Grow and Bloom. Build a Human Treasures Working Climate

    Stop Waiting Act Now

    Get in Touch with Qualities, Passions and Limiting Beliefs

    What Works Well and What Needs Improvement?

    Get To The Core. Discover, Dream, Design, Dare, Do

  • Not succesful in achieving your goals and KPO's? Are results less than expected? Do similar sites perform very different? Are absenteeism rates rising? A better working climate helps.

  • Ineffective communication is a top 3 Operational Risk and a source of wasting time and energy. Quality of communication and information is a key to the working climate and can be improved in most organisations.

  • Some people need a little extra support to get empowered, to release limiting beliefs and increase their personal leadership. This is key for both the individual and for the working climate. 

  • A conflict is an opportunity to connect, to understand and to strengthen relationships. Results depend on the way you deal with conflicts. Not dealing with conflicts ruines the working climate.

  • What Human Treasures stands for


    Every human has at least one unique quality, one inner treasure. The more people of an organisation deploy their treasures, the better their relationships with all parties involved will be. Problems will be solved more fundamentally and more structrurally. Solutions are more embedded. All of this results in optimal satisfaction of all stakeholders, a deep commitment and multiple returns and increased revenues. A healthy working climate is both key and starting point to achieve this.



    Human Treasures is your partner for a better working climate. Our interactive solutions help you discover qualities (treasures) and obstacles in both people and their working environment. Everyone contributes to and takes responsibility for a better working climate showing respect for individual differences and qualities.

  • What clients say

  • I feel that the trainers Anita and Leo created an extraordinary safe space in a very short time. The exercise to get in touch with my own power moved me deeply. I feel more connected to the other team members.

    Theo L.

  • I still find your training/workshop the most inspiring that I have experienced during my InHolland career. Thank you for that.

    Mucahid S.

  • I am very satisfied with the quality of the coaching, the win-win communication training and the email-support that I have received. I cannot think of any suggestions for improvement. Well done and thank you!

    Harold van R.

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