• Team

  • Human Treasures is a networking company. Cooperating gives not only more pleasure, but is also beneficial for you as customer. We combine our expertise, professionalism, passion, values and pleasure in order to achieve the best results. For each project we determine who would be the best match. We are happy to introduce the core team:

  • Leo Sonneveld

    Coach, Facilitator, Trainer, Conflict resolution

    06 2631 4406

    Human Treasures® was founded on 9 september 1999 by Leo L. Sonneveld MBA. He works as a coach, facilitator, trainer and sparring partner. During the intake conversation, Leo discusses which challenges you are facing and what outcomes you ideally want to achieve. Both for yourself and your organisation. During 25 years of working in the financial sector he served in various operational and leadership roles in the area of developing people, processes and systems. In addition he brings 15 years of experience in other sectors like corporate services, trade & industry, government, building societies, healthcare and education.

    Based on the intake with you, Leo will create a written proposal for the best approach and suggested match of treasures within our network

  • Anita Paalvast

    Trainer, Facilitator, Coach

    Anita Paalvast supports managers and teams to increase their team and personal effectiveness, working with them on their communication, leadership and co-operation skills. It is her passion to let people discover and apply their inner power by tapping into their physical intelligence., This dimension is gaining more and more interest in the field of behavioural and cultural change in organisations. Anita is key trainer of the Win Win Communication training course with Aikido. She has worked internationally as risk manager in the financial sector. She combines her experience in business with her martial arts expertise as one of the top Dutch Aikido women.

  • Carien Everwijn

    Coach, Trainer, Mediator

    Carien Everwijn is a very experienced HR advisor, coach, counsellor and mediator. She worked for more than 25 years for one of the biggest financial institutions in the Netherlands where she was responsible for training and advice to senior management and other members of staff. Especially in the area of interpersonal issues, career development, personal development, leadership,  performance and change management. Carien combines her own experience with horses in her current activities, offering an extra dimension of learning.

  • Madjori Veldema

    Coach, Facilitator

    Madjori Veldema is a very experienced coach and facilitator with a broad Human Resource Management background.  She has worked as HRM advisor, quality- and process manager and risk advisor. She also worked as trainer, workshop facilitator both in the Netherlands and abroad. She is a licenced member of the Dutch Association for Professional Coaches (NOBCO and Coaching Nederland) - a country wide network of top coaches serving many large employers.

  • Lean Six Sigma Groep

    LSS Implementation, Coaching and Training

    Both Suzanne Meinen and Chris Snellen van Vollenhoven are Master Black Belt within the Lean Six Sigma Groep. Leo Sonneveld participated in their Black Belt training course and was impressed by their proficiency. When during our projects the need arises for extraordinary Lean Six Sigma expertise we involve Suzanne en Chris, if possible. Anita Paalvast and Leo Sonneveld provide the Lean Communicatie Kata training for the Lean Six Sigma Groep.