• Conflict Resolution

  • A conflict is an opportunity to deeper connect, to better understand and to strengthen relationships. Results depend on the way you deal with conflicts. Not dealing with conflicts ruines the working climate.

    Sometimes a situation escalates and deteriorates in such a way that trust has gone. This calls for an independent, impartial and unprejudiced person. We use the 'Essential Peacemaking' Conflict resolution methodology. 

  • A conflict is a cry for connection

    A conflict is a cry for intimacy

    The problem is often that people do not have the courage to really speak their heart and mind. Or that they are not willing to really listen to the views and opinions of others. Especially when it comes down to differences in values, norms and attitude. Or when personal boundaries and possibilities are crossed and not respected. 

    The Essential Peacemaking methodology is developed by Danaan Parry and Jerrilyn Brusseau. It is a way to re-connect, feel heard and better understand. Which does not mean that agreement is reached. Quite often this results in transforming irritation and conflict into inspiration and a win-win situation. This way of dealing with conflicts provides a foundation for a healthy working climate and team learning. In our communication training courses, participants learn how to apply this methodology in order to prevent escalation and external support.