• Communication Training

  • Ineffective communication is a top 3 Operational Risk and a source of wasting time and energy. The quality of communication and information is a key contributor to the working climate and can be improved in most organisations.

  • Symptoms of ineffective communication

    Do you recognise one or more of the following symptoms in your organisations? These are indicators to invest in the quality of communication:

    • too long meetings
    • recurring errors and incidents
    • irritations
    • longwinded discussions
    • holding on the points of view
    • low employee satisfaction scores
    • modest team results
    • tense atmosphere
    • conflicts
    • increasing absenteeism
  • Communication Training

    We advise to attend at least the core training Win Win Communication before participating in a Workshop for a Better Working Climate because this will further increase the returns of the workshop.

    Overview of our Win Win Communication Training Courses (links to our special product site; will be translated in English as soon as possible)

    • Core Training Investment per person €99,- ex. VAT and travel expenses (3 hrs at your office)
  • Five insights for better communication (with English sub-titiles)