• Coaching & Counseling

  • Some people need a little extra support to get empowered, to release limiting beliefs and increase their personal leadership. This is key for both the individual and for the working climate. 

    During its existence, Human Treasures has gained critical experience and expertise on what makes people tick and why. This has been synergized in our Treasure Quest Methodology for coaching and empowering individuals. The Treasure Quest serves to unveil remarkable qualities and passions during our intake. The rest of our trajectories are always custom-made.

    Our coaching managers and (team)leaders is mostly about developing authentic leadership, integrity and the most appropriate working climate. In addition we offer short intense Executive Coaching aiming for a breakthrough in one or two sessions. This is especially helpful in urgent matters.

  • Advantages of Human Treasures Coaching & Counseling

    • Unveiling the core problem and direction of the solution (quick and deep) during intake session
    • Growing from illness to wellness experiences (auw - wow)
    • Speaking your heart and mind in a safe space
    • Gaining awareness of blind spots, patterns and limiting beliefs
    • Increasing self-consciousness and self-confidence
    • Getting in touch with your passion and qualities 
    • Using your full potential within the team
    • Experiencing more pleasure and fulfillment in your work
  • Executive Coaching

    Human Treasures offers short and intense Executive Coaching

    Executive Coaching is becoming more important and popular. Senior managers are being confronted with sensitive issues and dilemmas that require a confidentiality and honest feedback. Time constrains and the urgency of matters require breakthroughs in one or two sessions. Contact us for our availability.


    Additional subjects for Management, (Team)Leader and Executive Coaching are:

    • How can I lead more effectively and achieve what I want to achieve without causing undesired side-effects
    • How can I communicate more effectively?
    • How can I be more inspiring for my team?
    • How can I develop and co-create the best working climate and what would it look like?
    • How can I further increase integrity in taking tough decisions