• A commonly accepted definition for Human Resource Management is: Human Resource Management is that area of organisation life that focuses on the effective management and utilization of people. It indeed refers to utilizing people, to seeing people as a resource, as a means to an end. In the last decade it has become apparent that this approach does not suffice in the knowledge and wisdom paradigm, where people and their capability to learn collectively make the difference in the market place. That's why we see the word 'resources' being replaced by 'talent' or 'capital' and a gradual development of organisational focus and values and respective working climates.

    What we view as the next level in working climate development is the Human Treasures climate, expressing the true value of people for an organisation. When stimulating and connecting the positive and the valuable and facing what needs to improve and what is not helpful, the reward is discovery of the treasure - in yourself as a person - ánd the people as treasures in the organisation. When you may choose. Do you want to be utilised or cherished?